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I have a voice.

I will be heard

I am a victim – no more.

That was the phrase that started everything. The “I” soon became a “we” and the “no more” became #nomore. By the time we made the film, 528 women had shared their stories with us. Within a year of touring with the multiple award-winning docu-drama, #nomore,

that number grew to over 6000 –

our fictional movement was transforming into a real one.

When we announced our premiere, we had to relocated to the largest venue in the region to accommodate the 1,483 people that came out to support our 15 minute film. We knew we had created something important – but we had no idea just how profoundly

impactful our film would be.

We soon realized that the hashtag and the name, #nomore, no longer belonged to us, it belonged to the brave survivors of sexual assault that had shared their stories with us. Every sound bite in the film was pulled - verbatim - from actual sexual assault cases. Every #nomore message featured in the film was provided from a survivor. 

So, we tightened our story, strengthened our messaging and 10 Syllables (un-con-scious / in-tox-i-ca-ted / fe-male) was born. 

We are ready to continue shining a light on a dark topic and inspiring tough conversations.

   We are proud to be giving a voice to the voiceless.
   We are ready to do everything in our power to make sure this film is seen by everyone that would benefit from seeing it.

And that's why we've launched this campaign.

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